It Feels Good to Share Your Balls

Give a Ball. Get a Ball. FREE. 

At Rawlogy, we embrace and celebrate the spirit of giving, particularly when it comes to shining a light on injury prevention and body awareness (we want you to keep your body trail-ready, and Plantar Fasciitis free for the miles ahead!). We especially love the concept of "paying it forward" as a way to strengthen and give back to a community. 

Which is why we're proud to announce the launch of Share Your Balls, a special program designed to create awareness around self-care practices through the act of paying it forward. Our conscientiously-made, sustainable massage balls are designed to last, and are perfect for passing on to a friend in need. All of our balls are eligible for this program, including our cork massage ballsmini cork massage balls and our BPA-free natural rubber massage balls.

How to Share Your Balls

  1. Buy any set of balls from*.
  2. Donate one** of your balls to a fellow hiker, backpacker, runner, hiker, yogi, or anyone else in your life who you think needs some Rawlogy self-care love.
  3. Follow @rawlogy on Instagram, tag the person who received your gift, and post a photo of your pay-it-forward ball with the hashtag #ShareYourBalls.
  4. We'll send you a FREE ball to replace the one you gave away. You heard it. FREE. That includes shipping.

Don’t have Instagram?

Contribute to our growing community by sending a message through our Contact form, telling us about your experience. Let us know if we can share your story on Instagram and our blog so others can enjoy.


* Sorry, and purchases are NOT ELIGIBLE for this program. You must purchase your original set from and provide proof of purchase when requesting a ball replacement.

** For every 1 set purchased, you are eligible to receive 1 replacement ball. If you purchased 2 sets, you will be eligible for 2 replacement balls, and so on.