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Our Story

Welcome to Rawlogy: Award-winning cork massage balls and cork massage rollers for muscle recovery. Ultralight, eco-friendly, compact, ethically produced, and travel-ready, Rawlogy products offer a premium self-massage experience. Rawlogy has been featured in Backpacker Magazine, and was named “Best Recovery Tool of 2020” by Outside Magazine.

The Problem

A few years ago, Marek Bowers was ready to throw his running shoes in the garbage. He was training for a marathon and experiencing the worst foot pain of his life. He had constant back issues that were affecting him day and night, and he was on a steady diet of ibuprofen.

After a friend introduced Marek to the concept of "rolling out" with a rubber lacrosse ball, he was floored by the improvements that such a simple practice could make. With daily self-massage, Marek's pain went from unbearable to non-existent. The tool (a hard rubber ball) was SO SIMPLE. However, it was heavy and made of a hodgepodge of questionable materials.

What Next?

As a backpacker, hiker, trail runner, and mountaineer, Marek decided that he HAD TO to carry a ball on trail to continue his daily self-care routine. But he needed one that was lightweight and sustainable. When Marek went looking for a raw material that was light, natural, and durable, he found CORK. With that, Rawlogy was born! In addition to cork massage balls and rollers, Marek also joined forces with a natural rubber supplier in order to create a gym-standard ball made from small-lot, eco-friendly natural rubber.

Rawlogy's Mission 

At Rawlogy, our mission is to design products that help relieve pain in a natural, non-chemical way, and to educate communities on performing self-massage to keep muscles limber and strong. All ‪Rawlogy products share the following fundamental things in common:

  • Made of 100% raw materials (no synthetics), including sustainably harvested cork, food-grade adhesive, and small-lot natural rubber
  • Free of plastics, BPA, and other industrial chemicals
  • Ethically produced

Our Promise

Rawlogy is a family. A family that believes in service, generosity of heart, and inclusion. You can be whoever you are, and will be served with respect and kindness. There is no judgement of who you love or how you identify. There is no judgement of your body shape, skin color or country of origin. We are champions for your self-care practice, no matter what. Our family is here for you. Our community is a place where you will always belong.

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