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In 2016, I was ready to burn my running shoes.

I was training for a marathon and had the worst foot pain of my life. I also had debilitating back issues day and night. As a result, I took pain pills, was deeply depressed by my loss of mobility, and almost quit my training. Miraculously, all that changed when my friend introduced me to "rolling out" my feet and back with a rubber lacrosse ball. I was floored by the relief that such a simple tool could offer. With daily self-massage, my pain went from unbearable to non-existent. The downside, however, was that the ball was heavy, and made of oil-based materials loaded with synthetics and chemicals.

As an athlete (and single working Dad), I knew that a daily self-care routine was vital for my physical and mental well-being. But I wanted better tools to support my routine: tools that were sustainable and light enough to take anywhere (like on backpacking trips!). So, I went searching the world for natural raw materials that were renewable, lightweight, and durable. During my search, I found sustainable cork and natural rubber from responsibly managed forests and small farms.

And with that, Rawlogy was born!

So what makes Rawlogy special?

Rawlogy's award-winning massage balls and rollers are:

  • Designed to be simple and beautiful.
  • Ultra lightweight and compact, making them convenient and travel-friendly.
  • Conscientiously made from renewable cork, which has been sustainably harvested from FSC-certified forests.
  • Ethically sourced and manufactured by small farms and local factories.

Our massage balls and rollers truly offer a premium self-massage experience for all body types and activity levels. Hikers, runners, cyclists, skiers, new Moms, sitting workers, standing workers, healthcare professionals, handymen, seamstresses, and so many others have said how Rawlogy has helped restore their mobility; and is the exact thing they needed to feel better, stronger, and more limber in their bodies.

Rawlogy has been featured in New York Magazine and Backpacker Magazine, and was awarded “Best Recovery Tool of 2020” by Outside Magazine. Our press coverage continues to grow. We are in over 40 stores (both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar), with the count increasing daily. Although Rawlogy is self-funded (having grown through grassroots marketing and word-of-mouth alone), we are actively pursuing outside funding to expand our product line. Rawlogy is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise, and is in the process of becoming a Certified B Corporation.

We have also joined forces with Prana to pledge support for the Responsible Packaging Movement, which is instrumental in eliminating single-use plastic and virgin forest fiber from product packaging.

Why we do what we do

The best part of founding and running Rawlogy is that our family-owned business is truly able to help people feel better in their bodies. Customers reach out to us on a daily basis to tell us they feel alive again; that they feel younger than they have in years. Another amazing part of the experience has been building a community. The Rawlogy family is one that believes in service, generosity of heart, and inclusion. You can be whoever you are, and will be served with respect and kindness. There is no judgement of who you love or how you identify. There is no judgement of your body shape, skin color or country of origin. We are champions for your self-care practice, no matter what. Our family is here for you. Our community is a place where you will always belong.


The kids in the photo are my stockroom assistants and bodyguards.

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