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massage Balls


Cork Massage Balls

Cork does much more than seal wine bottles (trust us, we know our wine). Rawlogy's ultra-light Cork Massage Balls are made from organic, raw cork, which feels soft and grippy on your skin, while keeping you healthy with its antimicrobial properties. 

Wood Massage Balls

Not for the faint at heart, our hardest massage balls are 100% natural wood, polished to a smooth finish, and can be used for reflexology and hand exercises. Expertly handcrafted, Rawlogy's Wood Massage Balls are made from sustainable, small-lot rosewood.

Natural Rubber Massage Balls

Durable, grippy and waterproof—a trifecta of perfection. Conscientiously constructed from 100% natural rubber, Rawlogy's Rubber Massage Balls are chemical-free and ethically sourced from smallholder rubber farms. Plus, they are virtually indestructible.


Massage Roller


A versatile choice for injury prevention, rehab, and even just for warming up muscles prior to running, Rawlogy's Cork Massage Roller delivers an ultra-firm massaging effect. With its dense core, this roller offers incredible stability as you apply more body weight.