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The #GiveaShit Pledge

Chances are, you've set foot on America's Public Lands.

In fact, we're willing to bet that at least once in your lifetime, you'll hike, walk, run, bike, camp, backpack, climb, swim, ski, snowboard, drive, poop, or take a selfie in a America's Public Lands. How can we be so sure?

Because with more than 400 National Parks, 560 National Wildlife Refuges, and nearly 250 million acres of other public lands in America, there’s at least one public land near you.

For many of us, Public Lands have shaped our identities. They have helped us face our discomforts and worst fears; provided havens for us during periods of solace and contemplation; united us with people who share our passions; and have been incubators for some of our greatest personal triumphs.

But now, our Public Lands are in trouble. And it's time to step up.

From lack of funding, neglect, and poor leave-no-trace practices, to environmental and land-leasing rollbacks, Public Lands need our help. Which is why we have joined forces with a handful of like-minded outdoor industry companies to launch the #GiveaShit Campaign.

At Rawlogy, we #GiveaShit by pledging 5% of our yearly profits to the National Forest Foundation.

Which means that every Rawlogy product you buy--whether it's on, Amazon, Garage Grown Gear, Litesmith, or anywhere else you find our balls--benefits Public Lands, and helps us mitigate the threats they are facing.

So thank you, Friend, for contributing to our pledge, and for believing in a company that uses business as a force for good.

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