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Get Started with a Roller Section

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    Upper Back


    1. Lie with the roller under your upper back.
    2. Roll up and down on the roller from your shoulders to the bottom of your rib cage.

    Lower Back / Back of Hips


    1. Lie on your side with the roller under your back (above your butt).
    2. Bend your top leg and place behind your bottom leg.
    3. Roll upwards into your lower-side back (rock slightly to intensify).

    Glutes (Butt)


    1. Sit with the roller under the top of your butt.
    2. Lean to the side and slightly backward, then roll down your butt.
    3. To intensify the massage, bend and cross your leg over your knee.

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      IT Band


      1. Lie on your side with the roller below your hip.
      2. Bend your top leg and place in front of your bottom leg.
      3. Lift your bottom foot slightly and roll down the leg (stopping at least 5 in. above the knee).


      1. Lie on top of the roller so that it’s under your quadricep.
      2. Support your weight on your forearms and roll down your quad (stopping at least 5 in. above the knee).



      1. With your calf on the roller, place your hands below your shoulders.
      2. Use your arms to lift your hips off the floor, and roll down your calf.
      3. You can also rainbow your toes for a cross-calf massage.

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