Which Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball Should I Choose?

Which Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball Should I Choose?

To make sure you feel like you're getting a personalized self-massage experience, Rawlogy cork massage balls come in 3 different sizes, which each ball having a different purpose:

  • 🎾 Tennis ball-sized
  • ⚪ Golf ball-sized
  • 🤏 Marble-sized

They are made of 100% natural cork, which makes them super lightweight, highly durable, and easy to travel with. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the three sizes, and explain which body parts you should use them on.

What are Rawlogy Cork Massage Balls For?

If you've ever gone to a professional massage therapist for painful and tender spots on your body, you know that deep pressure can loosen tight muscles and relieve pain. When you're on-the-go (e.g. backpacking, traveling, thru hiking, trail running, cycling, etc.), booking an appointment with your favorite massage therapist is probably not an option (although wouldn't THAT be nice!).

The Rawlogy Cork Massage ball is a handy massage tool that you can take with you anywhere, anytime. It helps to:

  • Promote recovery
  • Stimulate blood flow
  • Keep feet healthy
  • Reduce tension in connective tissue

Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball Size Comparison

We've included usage and size details to help you make a better informed decision. Pick the ball (or balls) that offers the massage techniques you think will be most useful and relaxing for your muscles.

Rawlogy Classic 2.4 Inch ball

Classic specs: 2.5 in (6.35 cm), 1.4 oz (40 g)

The Rawlogy Classic 2.4 Inch ball is approximately the size of a tennis ball. Many people refer to it as a "tennis cork ball," but in reality, this IS NOT something you want to be hitting around on the courts! You can use it on your larger muscles for a more distributed "rolling" massage versus a trigger point release. Ideal for shoulders and upper back massage against a wall, as well as the lower back, hips, butt, upper legs, and even the calves on the floor. Also a great way to perform a foot arch stretch.

"I love the Classic for bigger muscles--like my back, hamstrings, quads and glutes. Using moderate pressure, the Classic loosens tight areas with little effort. It's the ball with the most versatility and hurts so good!"

Rawlogy Mini 2 Inch ball

Mini specs: 2 in (5 cm), 0.7 oz (20 g) 

The Rawlogy Mini 2 Inch ball is approximately the size of a golf ball. It's a favorite of ultralight backpackers, one-bag travelers, and PCT, CDT, AT hikers. It offers incredible relief from Plantar Fasciitis by applying moderate pressure to the foot muscles. You can also use it for trigger point therapy, which is where you roll out a single spot with small circular strokes until the tension is released. For people who go for the golf ball massage, the Rawlogy Cork Massage ball offers weight savings, more forgiving density, less slippage, and eco-friendly materials.

I take my Mini everywhere. I provides a super simple massage, which I can use for rolling out my foot pain, stimulating blood flow around my calf muscles group, and treating overall sore spots and general ache.

Rawlogy Micros 3 X 0.75 Inch balls

Micro specs: 0.75 in (20mm), 0.04 oz / (1 g)

Rawlogy Micro Massage balls are about the size of a U.S. Nickel, and are the tiniest members of the Rawlogy family. You can use Rawlogy Micros for hand and wrist massage, jaw massage (to relieve the pain and tension caused by TMJ), and a trigger points massage for the feet.

My Micros helped me avoid painful Carpal Tunnel Sydrome surgery. They literally are the BEST thing that's ever happened to hands and wrist.

Wrapping up

Self massage promote recovery, loosens tight muscles and tissue, proactively helps you avoid foot problems, and is an easy way to sustain your commitment to self care. If you have any doubts about which Rawlogy ball to purchase, visit our Contact page and submit your question.

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