Here's how I beat Plantar Fasciitis and crushed my previous marathon PR: Part 2

Here's how I beat Plantar Fasciitis and crushed my previous marathon PR: Part 2

Rolling isn’t the only way to recover from Plantar Fasciitis—you need to stretch those dogs too!

I mentioned in Part 1 that stretching was the 2️⃣ way i recovered from the Plantar Fasciitis that had ground my marathon training to a halt. Rolling gets deep into problem areas, but stretching lengthens the muscle and tissue.

I spent a lot of time stretching my calves, Achilles, arches and toes. Btw if you have Achilles pain, stretching your calves is super important. When your calf is tight, it shortens the muscle and tugs on your Achilles. Ouch 😫

👉 Broken toe pose: Tuck your toes and sit so that you can see the stretch in your Achilles, arches and toes. Keep a straight spine. If you can’t sit back all the way, don’t worry about it. You just want to feel the stretch. If it’s hard on your knees, place a rolled up blanket underneath you.

👉 Wall stretch: Find a wall. Place heel down, ball of foot and toes against wall. Push against the wall. You should feel this in your calves too.

👉 Seated arch stretch: Sit down and cross your foot over your knee. Pull your toes back to feel the arch stretch and use your thumb to massage the underside of your foot.

👉 Down dog: This stretch is great for your Achilles and calves. You can also pedal out your dog by alternating bending your knees.

Don’t forget—repetition is key! Stretch often and be mindful of where you are tight / have pain so you can focus your stretches on those areas. Stayed tuned for Part 3!