Host a Rawlogy workshop at your Studio, Gym or Event

Rawlogy's workshops fuse trigger point release, fascial release, restorative aspects of yoga and simple breath-based mindfulness. The result is an enhanced capacity to release tension, ultimately where no ordinary yoga practice will take you – deep into your fascial layer. Participants will learn how to use rollers and balls to effectively prevent injuries, treat pain and improve mobility.

Are there any yoga poses are included in this practice? Yes, workshops may include downward facing dog and forward standing fold as simple means of measuring the changes we are bringing about with the self-myofascial release. However, we also embrace modifications so that everyone can participate.

Audience: This is an all-levels workshop, geared toward anyone, of any age. No previous experience is required.

Length: 1 hour

Equipment used in workshop:

  • Massage Balls
  • Massage Roller

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