Which Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball Should I Choose?

Here's a handy guide to explain the differences between Rawlogy cork massage balls:
  • 4" Big Ball (softball size): Offers a more distributed, rolling massage (similar to a roller) but easier to travel with because it’s more compact than a roller. Also, people with larger bodies find this one more comfortable.
  • 2.5" Classic/Medium Ball (tennis ball size): Great for full-body tissue and larger muscles (like quads, glutes aka butt, IT Band, shoulders and back), as well as trigger point (I.e. pin-point/localized) release. The most versatile of the 3 balls.
  • 1.9" Mini Ball (golf ball size): A favorite for feet, calves, forearms, neck and smaller muscles. Excellent for point-point/localized release.

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