Hip Release Series - Psoas

Desk job? Your psoas might need some TLC! 

Your psoas is a long muscle that starts at your middle back, goes through your torso, down the front of your hips, and connects behind your femur. It allows you to flex your legs at your hip joint. Your psoas can get tight (and shorter!) when you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk (a great reason for Raw Balls AND a Standing Desk).

1️⃣ Put your massage ball out in front of you and lie down on top of it so that it rests directly inside of your hip bone. Place the ball where you feel the most tight. 
2️⃣ Rest your weight on the ball. It should feel like it’s pressing into your abdomen.
3️⃣ Roll slowly forward and backward (small movements). Try bending your knees (heel to butt) to play with the sensation.
4️⃣To move into a deeper release: exhale, and relax into the ball. You can perform a gentle cobra pose 🐍 to really get into the tissue.

Stay tuned for our last video in our multi-part hip release series!


Product shown: Rubber Raw Ball