Hip Release Series - Glutes III (Standing Glutes Release)

You don’t need a yoga mat or a gym or a fancy spa to give yourself a glute massage. Try this wall exercise with a massage ball or lacrosse ball to get deeper into your glutes. When you find a point of tension or pain, hold on the spot for 15-20 seconds. The pressure should cause a satisfying release of tension.  If it's too painful or doesn't feel right, stop pressing on the ball and stretch the area.

1️⃣ Grab a ball and find a wall.
2️⃣ With your back facing the wall and your knees bent, place your ball against the wall and and lean into it.
3️⃣ Roll in a circular motion OR try a cross-fiber (horizontal left-to-right) massage to dig into that muscle and break down the knots.

Stay tuned for more in our multi-part hip release series!


Product shown: Rubber Raw Ball