Hip Release Series - Glutes I

After spinning, running, hiking, backpacking, or basically any other activity that tightens up your hips and glutes, you can use a massage ball to work on muscle knots and release any tension that has built up. Try out this technique with Raw Balls to release your gluteal complex (gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus).

1️⃣ Place ball on floor and sit on it so that it’s pressing into the center of your right glute (aka butt cheek). You can optionally extend the right leg out in front of you and keep the left leg bent.
2️⃣ Use your hands to control the amount of pressure you are applying to the ball. In other words, for more ouch, use your hands less. For less ouch, use your hands more.
3️⃣ Roll in a circular motion on the ball, holding when you find a hotspot. 
4️⃣ As you continue to roll, internally and externally rotate from your hip to work on knots that are deep inside the hip joint.
5️⃣ Switch sides and enjoy the ouch. If you’re anything like me, a little pain is pleasure. But if it gets to be too much, back off a little and show yourself some ❤️.

Stay tuned for Glutes II and III in our multi-part hip release series!


Product shown: Cork Raw Ball