About Rawlogy


Rawlogy was founded by people who are active, particularly in the outdoors (seriously, we love trees 🌲). We are backpackers, campers 🏕 and hikers, and also yogis, weight-lifters and kettle-bell-thrower-arounders.

But we are also people who have experienced pain. We have tension in our backs from sitting at our desks all day. Muscle pulls from picking up our kids. Cramping arches from training runs. And definitely stiff shoulders and kinked necks from traveling and carrying backpacks.

Over the years, we've found that using a massage ball and trigger point therapy to identify and isolate that pain is a healthy way to maintain our bodies as we put them under the stresses of work, family, exercise, aging, and everything else that life throws at us. 

At Rawlogy, we help our customers discover massage products to relieve their pain in a natural, non-chemical way, and proactively perform self massage to keep muscles limber and strong. All ‪Raw Balls share a few fundamental things in common: they're made of 💯% raw materials; are free of BPA, PVC, petroleum and phthalates; and-most importantly-are ethically and sustainably produced.

We look forward to serving you with our products and helping you create a personal commitment to your health and well-being.